Make your Carpet Dent-free

Make your Carpet Dent-free

Are you someone who never shifts her furniture around because of the dents marks they’ve made on your carpets? Well, that can change now. With the small tricks listed below, you can make the dents disappear faster than you can say ‘new-look room’.  

Place one ice cube each on every dent, and give it time to melt. When the ice cube has melted completely, blot up the extra water with a tissue or a sponge. Then, brush the damp carpet fibres back and forth with your hand or a comb till they regain their original height. (If it’s a deep dent, you may need more than one ice cube.)

If it’s a shallow dent, just spritz it with water. Then, use a hair dryer to dry the affected area, while simultaneously brushing up the fibers with your other hand.

If a large area of the carpet has been hollowed by, say, a leg-less sofa or a sideboard, wet a tea towel and place it on the affected area. Then plug in an iron, put it on a medium setting and lightly iron the damp cloth. Leave the towel in place for at least ten minutes when you’ve finished ironing. Remove it when it’s bone dry to reveal a dent-free carpet.


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