Turn a Racket into a Mirror

Turn a Racket into a Mirror

Almost everyone knows that adding a mirror to your room is the easiest way to bring in light and depth, and visually enlarge it. What everyone doesn’t know is there’s an easy and creative way to do it without incurring a big cost.

Scout around in the cupboards packed with the things that the family has outgrown. Chances are there will be an old tennis racket lurking somewhere. Take the racket strings off carefully without bending the frame.

If you’re handy with your digits, take the mirror home and finish the job yourself. If you’re not into DIY, leave the racket at the shop for the night for the mirror to be pasted with a strong mirror adhesive on to a wooden plank/board inserted at the back of the racket.  When you go to pick up the racket the next day, ask the shop to add a hook or a closed eye bolt to the top.   

That done, take the new-look racket home. Walk around the house scouting for the best place for your old-new piece. Hammer in a nail there, hang up the racket and voila, you have an unusual wall-mounted mirror brightening up your room. 


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